Fiverr can be your next office…

Fiverr can be your next office…
Fiverr is the platform created by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, and was launched in February 2010.

Fiverr created with the concept of creating marketplace on international level. It creates job opportunities for the whole world by providing digital services.

There are millions of buyer and seller who do business with each other. Fiverr is best place to start up a career as a freelancer.

Fiverr offers two ways services as buyer and seller, for earning money online income you join fiverr as seller there we steps to follow:
To create an account:
To become a seller on fiverr, go to fiverr homepage and click on the option, Become a Seller.
Once you click on Become a Seller then you will have to enter your email address and click continue.

Another way to join is by using your facebook or Google Account.
At first you must choose your user name.


  • Once the account has been activated, your username can not be changed. So, choose wisely as it will be your display name (within your fiverr URL).
  • You can use up to 15 letter at max while choosing your username but it cannot contain any special characters e.g. @<*:” etc.
    Once you have chosen your username, choose a password and click on Join.
    Here you go, now you’re registered user on fiverr. Confirmation email will be sent to you to activate your account.
    Note: To activate your account, you must use your activation link sent via mail within 30 days and if you login to your fiverr account after 30 days then you will have to click on resend to receive another link and that link would also be valid for 30 days.
    Once you receive the email from fiverr , open the email and click on Activate your Account.
    As per name goes fiverr you start selling your services with 5$, for this you have to create gig through which you gain work and represent yourself.
    Gig is the most important part in fiverr which must be created diligently. The reason is buyer approaches you after reviewing your gigs. There is limit of creating gig, only 7 gigs you can create. It does not function as one time only instead you can change it as many time as you can.
    To create a Gig:
    After you log in, from the Selling menu, click Gigs.
    The other things you need to consider while creating GIG

In the GIG TITLE field, write a title of up to 80 characters, it should be precise.
In the CATEGORY drop-down menu, pick the appropriate category and then subcategory for your Gig.
Pricing and packages:
Write a precise title of services you’re offering in the Name of Your Package area.
Describe the details of your service in the area provided.
Must mention delivery time and set pricing you prices start from 5$ to 995$.
Description of the gig is crucial.
It works as resume the buyer will look into and see if his needs are meet. You can write up to 1200 characters.
There is option for the requirement in which you ask buyer what he/she should provide you to kick start the project.
The last main step is to upload picture/video.
You should choose a picture which is appropriate or cater to your services. You can upload video in which you can give your introduction or speak to client to grab him/her so choose your words wisely. Video consider good option because it shows, your enthusiasm towards your work.
Then you simply publish you gig.
What type of gigs you can make
What are you capable of it is platform for talented people to make money online. It is platform for artists, web designers, content writers, software engineers, Microsoft word, excel and power point operator and virtual assistant who work for their employer even across the sea. Even with a basic skill and few knowledge but with good confidence you can lure customer to give you job. The beginner have to send offers to clients because they are new and have zero ranking. When they complete their task on time and get good feedback their gig’s ranking elevates.
There is the list of services you can offer:
Use marketing software to get paid.
Create digital drawings.
Become a virtual assistant.
Alter pictures.
Design business cards.
Design flyers.
Write a review.
Make a video testimonial.
Use software to produce SEO diagnostic results.
There are number of other services that you can also offers

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