How to make money online: Teaching Online

How to make money online: Teaching Online
In the time of technology revolution everything has been digitalized including the field of education. Students no longer need to visit academies physically to take tuition for just an hour or so. Subjects that you find difficult in school or college, or any particular topic that you cannot understand you can hire an expert just for the time you need from an hour to 5 hours. You do not need to pay the free for the whole month. Where it benefits students, it also provide great opportunity to the teachers. If you are a tutor or an expert in a particular field, you can generate some extra cash by spending a few hours everyday.
You can teach even if you are a student by yourself, and for university students it’s a great opportunity to generate side income to pay their bills. There are many readily available platforms where you can teach tens of subjects to the students of every age and standard. Beforehand you need to learn the few skills which are…
Confident enough to handle multiple queries at one time.
Spontaneous, if you as question out of box you will be able to answer efficiently.
Well prepared lecture.
Communication skill, should be able to talk nicely, through good impression on students. Polite and kind gestures.
The platforms you can use to earn money are…
Its a platform used by hundreds of students, it provides easy access and mist user friendly interface. You can register on this platform by using your email address and select the area of study that you want to teach, you can also set the price that you would like to charge per hour. Platform take their set percentage of commission over the price that you charge. You can also add details about your experience and education to make your profile strong, it also provides you the option of getting recommendations by others to give students confidence about your abilities and assure that their money will be worth spending, this measure results in increased sales.
Tutor is arguably the most reliable platform and one of the oldest available teaching sites. You can use this platform to target any age group, any subject and while being anywhere in the world. It requires very basic tool like laptop and internet facility. You can register yourself on this platform as tutor, its simple and easy to use. Commission charged by the platform is minimal and they represent you to the millions of platform users. You do not need to market yourself or do any kind of publicity. They offer a range of subjects including STEM, that is probably the most popular area of study.
There are many other platforms such as these that you can also use them, YouTube, vimeo and your personal blog or a site can also be used as tools for this. You can sell your skills and knowledge to the people around the globe in just a blink of eye. If you are determined and not willing to give up on your dream, I assure you that success will come after you.

Updated: September 24, 2020 — 11:43 am

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