Netflix and amazon both provide huge entertainment to audience …

Netflix and amazon both provide huge entertainment to audience …
This article is about how to make investment at huge level and earn through passive income online …
Entertainment attract big profits and continuously cash inflow into your business. People look for entertaining activity and get hocked. There are and used to be a lot of website which allow people to download movies and series. Extratorrent, yifi torrent, kickas torrent and many other were very popular but now they have banned which favor Netflix, it streams movies and series online its business has expended over the years. It also produces movies and series under their production house. Amazon launched its website for streaming movies and series in 2015 and follow the same foot step as Netflix. Netflix has around 182 million paid subscribes from all over the world. Amazon is quite behind in term of subscribers it has 112 million paid subscribers.
How it works?
Netflix and Amazon take monthly subscriptions from it users through direct debts. There are different packages on Netflix from basic to premium account and there prices varies. Amazon does not have any package.
You need to simply login into those site and give your personal details and bank details. You have to be careful here few banks do not linked to Netflix always double check with the bank.
Free trial
There is free trial available for both websites, Netflix give monthly and amazon give one week.
Prices / subscription
Netflix have different charges they varies according to plan you buy for premium account, where you can share 4 screens and one TV screen. It cost 12 pounds in UK and 1500 RS in Pakistan. Amazon give special discount to Pakistani user 400 RS for first six months and then 900 RS after six months. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Watching movies and series were never this easy and especially in high quality result proper HD quality with subtitles. Because of subtitles you can watch non English series and movies and get to see other side of the world. Your experience of movies and series increases.
Current pandemic
Due to corona virus their users are increased rapidly and many big films production houses selling their movies to these website. Which making these website more attractive to people. People love entertainment and these sites are doing good justice with audience.
Bollywood in streamline..
In the era of remote entertainment India has taken a lead in South Asia and has become the top leading competitor from this region to an International market by proving it’s credibility through Hotstar and Zee5.
The whole point of this article is bring an option into light. It is not for common people to make such huge level of investment but for those who have a lot of surplus cash and along with other capital investor start this type of venture. It is one time investment and generate cash on perpetual bases.
If you believe that your idea work, you lay down your business plan and ask the bank to invest in your projects. Look for multiple investors and share the percentage of the profit.

Updated: September 24, 2020 — 11:43 am

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