How to make money online: online courses

How to make money online: online courses
Time has evolved and technology has changed lives of people, every field has progressed by this revolution including education. Whereas traditional method of class tuitions are still going on, online learning has provided a great flexibility to both teachers and the students. They can study at distance that is called “distance learning” that is why almost every university and college is providing online courses and degrees. Distance learning is less expensive than taking regular tuition classes.
Question pops in everyone’s head here might be this that how can an individual make move with this evolution? You do not have to be an institute or registered couch, all you need to have is expertise in any kind of computer software, particular subject, or solutions of everyday problems. Ability to communicate and deliver lecture , Yes it’s that easy, you can start your own website or blog and post your video tutorials on that or you can use readily available platforms.
Readily available platforms are…
Udemy is an online platform where you can register yourself as an instructor and make your course available for thousands of everyday users of udemy. You can set a selling price for your course, udemy take a specific percentage of every sale you make. Your tutorials should be easy to understand, good quality video and audio, and your own content. Udemy has threshold for the commission that you receive from your sale of courses. That categories as. Organic Commission, Deals, Affiliates and Coupons. Their shares varies from 50% to 75% and very rarely if the student buy course through coupon, you as tutor will receives nearly 95%.
If we look at number of tutor’s salaries, we will be shocked to see how well they are earning. They earning based on the value of the course which you are providing on udemy. Tutors are making 2.1 million to 4.6 million dollars that is highest income bar.
Skill Share:
Skillshare is another amazing platform that allows you to share your skills with other online users of the platform around the world. You can sell your course in form of video tutorials and articles. Skill share is one of the unique platforms available. You would be able to earn around 200$ in the first month and your earning continue to increase as you grow.
You can record your video tutorials and upload them on YouTube. You can then go to the settings of your account and turn the monetizing option on, YouTube will use your channel to display ads relevant to your content, you can drive traffic to your channel by sharing you tutorials with your friends and family. You can also post your channel on Facebook educational based groups. The most efficient way to make your video friendly researchable. Diligently use key words when uploading your video on YouTube. It will become more obvious to show up on the main page.
If you have skills, you can share it with others for a price. Remember “time is money” wasting time is like wasting money so stop wasting money and start earning.

Updated: September 24, 2020 — 11:43 am

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