Instagram is not only a platform to upload pictures but it is a lot more…

Instagram is not only a platform to upload pictures but it is a lot more…
Instagram is currently the most popular site of today. It allows user to upload pictures and videos it considered as the most entertaining and indulging channel. It has other significant purpose than to be an entertaining medium, which is money making machine. Its sound fantastic to drive double benefit from one thing, entertainment and stack full of cash what can ask you for more.
It is very crucial to clear one thing that is Instagram does not pay you for uploading pictures and videos. Some people think that they will generate cash by just posting on their account but as soon as they here that Instagram paying for post. It is not Instagram that pays you but the companies and brands pay you for promoting their products.
What do you require?
You need to recognize yourself as an Instagramer for this you have to look with in you, do you have that power to be one? Which content is your strength? Which will be your expected audience? You have to choose that are you going to launch your band into market or promoting other’s brand. In order to promote brand you have to recognize yourself as influencer.
How mush followers matter?
To be influencer or Instagramer you do not need to have 10k followers, if you have it allow you to accept many opportunities to earn good money. According to The survey says an influencer in digital marketplace, having between 3,000 to 10,000 followers can charge brands ‘between’ $60 to $115. People with more than 100,000 followers can ask for more than $400 per post.
When it comes to celebrities they charge enormous amount for the post. Kim Kardashian has 173 million follower on Instagram she charge almost 200000$ for one post. Priyanka Chopra has 53.6 million followers and she earns 271000$ for one post. There are many other celebrities which earn more or less same amount for the post.
What is criteria for the post/account?
Prefect bio who you are going to follow.
Remain active on your account, regular posting though good impression.
Photo quality should be great, DSLR consider wise choice for taking picture.
Hashtags plays a crucial role you need to tag target audience.
Follow for follow and like for like is good strategy for building followers.
Affiliate marketing
Being an Instagramer you can post your customer products on your post. There is also important thing to assured that only promote products or brands which suits to your audience. Sharing post which upset the follower’s sentiments which they do not expect from you, will have devastated impact on your image as influencer.
Providing services
You can gain customers by upload pictures of your work, if your hairstylist, makeup artist, choreographer, tailor, chef, photographer, tattoo artist and personal trainer. People follow you for entertainment purpose, because you stand for creativity and that is in the demand. You can make customers by provide services and generate income. Building great reputation on social platform lead you to earn as influencer.

Updated: September 24, 2020 — 11:43 am

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